Harder than I thought.

Oh man. . .Sunday was rough!  No phone, no computer, no TV (I’ll admit, I caved around 7:30pm on the TV one, but I had to catch up on Walking Dead, can you blame me??).  The idea came after an earlier post on personal technology and it’s influence on our social habits/development.  Now, you may not be totally aware of how much you use your devices.  I know I wasn’t.  It’s like when you decide to track every dollar you spend and you’re like. . .um. . .I spend HOW much on ______ (insert whatever you probably spend too much on here)?!?  When you really look into something like that and track it as you go, it can be an eye-opener.

I tried to apply that process to my challenge.  Before I went to bed, I put my phone under my book as a reminder.  My morning social media session would have to wait.  I got up and started a list of all the things I would have done, or thought of doing throughout the day that required phone/computer/TV.  I would think “oh I can google it” and then remember, not today.  It was very similar to a power outage.  Where you (at least I do this, I won’t speak for everyone else) walk into a room and flip the switch absentmindedly, and then think, “oh. . .yeah”.

After a couple of hours, the minor anxiety attacks that came when I felt my empty back pocket stopped.  The couch was no longer calling my name.  I finished one book, started on another, cleaned up a bit, did some laundry, worked in the yard.  Fairly typical Sunday once I got past the initial adjustment period.

I’m not really sure what I expected to learn/gain/experience.  There were a couple times throughout the day where normally I would be staring at my phone and instead I focused on experiencing my environment, just experiencing.  Might sound kind of goofy, but you should really try it.  Sometimes the simplest truth or observation can lead to monumental realizations.  I know, for me, it’s easy to get wrapped up in MY life, and MY world.  But when I stop and watch the people around me, I remember they have lives too, and worlds.  I mean. . .it’s the same world, like literally the same earth. . .but you know what I mean.  Really helps to put things into perspective.

Some people implement this into their every day lives.  Maybe every Saturday is a “no-screen” day.  One of my good friends has a basket by the door and when her family comes over, all the phones go in the basket.  Genius!  Let me know your thoughts.  Maybe you have a story of your own.  But if you decide to go for a day free of tech, I’d really like to hear how it goes.






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