This month, podcasters (at least the ones I listen to) have been encouraging listeners to share their favorites – get the word out about the greatness of the podcast.  If you have not heard about this greatness, or are looking for something new, here you go.

I was pretty late getting to this party, but oh boy was I excited when I got there!  🙂  The first podcast that really struck my fancy was Stuff You Should Know.  Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant host the show and what they do is find as much info as they can about a topic, get to know it, put it together in fairly easily digestible pieces and deliver it in a manner that often has me giggling by myself in the car.  They have been doing this for years now and they play off each other wonderfully.  Everything about it is fairly casual, which I really appreciate.  It’s like you’re just listening to your buddies, who know stuff.  You don’t even realize you’re learning.  I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to learn and laugh.  You can find it on their website.  I think I found it on the Podcast app on my phone.  They have an archive of all their old episodes, a wealth of knowledge and silliness.

Another one that has been a “go-to” for me for a couple years now is This American Life.  Each week’s episode has a theme and typically, they break it down into multiple “acts”.  They cover a wide range of topics from current events to human behavior.  Ira Glass hosts the show and along with a number of staff and other contributors, brings a very informative and thought provoking program.  Sometimes the mood can be a little dark, or serious, but other times (their Christmas specials for sure) when I can’t stop laughing.  This podcast can be found on their website as well as on iTunes or in the Podcast app.  They also have an archive of past episodes providing hours and hours of listening entertainment.

Go check them out.  🙂  And pass this along.  If you have a favorite, share it.  Really, there’s a podcast for everyone out there.  If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in the car and let’s face it. . .the radio is NOT what it used to be.  It’s like going back to cable when you’ve been Netflixing for years.  What is this thing they call a commercial?!?





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