How to get organized when you’re kinda lazy.

I don’t want to be organized. If I wanted to be organized, I would be.  I want to WANT to be organized.  In order to follow through with something you really need to find that motivation and put in the energy required to meet your goals.  Goals, which by the way are set pretty high in today’s society with all the lovely Pinterest pictures and magazines showing off an immaculate mid-century modern designed living space, two dogs on the couch and not a hair in sight.  I mean. . .come on. . .you’ll get a complex if you constantly compare yourself to this idyllic standard. After mentally adding a thin layer of dust on that cabinet in the corner, a stack of yesterday’s mail on the dining room table, some dishes in the sink and a few pet hair tumble weeds creeping out from under the couch, I feel a little better about myself. (Quick note to those of you who keep an immaculate mid-century modern designed living space with two dogs on the couch and not a hair in sight, good on you!  I mean no offense, I’m just jealous)

Although I feel that there are a lot of high-set bars on Pinterest, it is also where I discovered the world of “cheats” or “hacks”.  An encyclopedia of fairly simple tricks or gadgets that make that organizational mountain seem a little less challenging.  I only have personal experience with a few, and those I will definitely share.  I’ll also include a few on my list of “want to try”.  But I would encourage anyone who struggles with similar “motivational” deficiencies to check it out.  Just type in “organizational hacks” to the search bar in Pinterest and whoa. . .hold on to your pants.  Ideas a-plenty.

Space-savers rank pretty high on my list of must-haves.  Flat surface = sanity.  So if I can find ways to keep stuff off my flat surfaces, I’m a much happier individual.  One of the areas I was having a hard time with this was in the shower.  I’m definitely better than I used to be, but I swear hair products reproduce on their own.  You remember the movie Gremlins. . .?  Yup, like that. I tried amesh caddy couple of the caddies that hang from the shower head, but whoever designed my shower put a soap dish right there.  Eventually, I discovered this wonderful caddy that hangs from the curtain rod.  Notice how it holds the conditioner upside down?  Genius!  I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s changed my life, but it’s pretty awesome.  Originally seen on thehackster.com


Shower Caddy


tupperware lids and missing socksAnother thing that really irks me is Tupperware lids.  Again. . .like Gremlins.  And you can never find the one you need.  Now, they sell lid organizers online, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.  You can probably find something that will work just fine in the kitchen section at the Goodwill, or other thrift shop.  I’m pretty sure I’m using a CD rack (do you remember those?  CDs?) to hold all my Tupperware lids.  Thrift stores are a very valuable resource in finding cheap solutions to your organizational dilemmas.

Here are a couple more of the ideas that are at the top of my list.

undersink storageUnder cabinet storage.  I don’t know about you, but the space under my cabinets is quite a mess.  Cleaners, rags, scrubbies, spray bottles, etc. and they all have to find homes around the plumbing, hoses and our RO water tank.  This looks like a very usable (and affordable) solution.  It also creates more space as you now have two layers – taller bottles and such on the bottom and smaller cleaning tools in the baskets up top.  It looks like they used a couple extension rods and simply adjusted them to hold the baskets.  See the full project at dreamingindiy.com.






foil storage


Wrap, foil and paper storage.  Right now, all of these things live in a drawer in my kitchen.  And who hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to open a drawer only to find something inside saying “nope”.  Then you have to wriggle your hand in there and try to hold the flap down.  Annoying.  This solution utilizes what would normally be unusable space by sticking a magazine rack (found in the office supply section or possibly lying around your house) to the inside of a cabinet door.  Simple simple.  Check out this simple trick and a number of others at goodhousekeeping.com.



trash bag storageAnother great idea for utilizing under cabinet space.  This looks like a couple curtain rod brackets with a dowel across them.  Easy access and out of the way.

You can find this and other “hacks” for small space living at ideastand.com.  This site also has a bunch of ideas for saving space in other rooms of the house as well.  Highly recommended.





Sometimes you’ll find one of these tricks that just doesn’t work with what you’ve got going on.  But other times, they work out and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.  Let’s hear about the hacks that you’ve tried or want to try.  Things that have changed your life, or maybe less dramatically, just made it easier/better/less cluttered.  We can all use a little of this in our lives.



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