What did we USED to do??

For me, I didn’t really know how my blog would evolve.  There was no clear “this is what I want to write about”, and I knew it would be a process – an evolution.  So I thought I would go back through the pieces that I put together when I first started, to see if it all still applied.  I re-read my about page and it talked about researching topics and putting together informative posts for my readers.  I have been working on a couple projects like that and as I was researching, I thought to myself what did we used to do before we had access to the internet?  *This also came up a number of times during my tech-free day.*  When you really think about it, the idea is quite mind blowing.  I mean. . .did we just remain in wonder?  I hate to not be able to answer a trivia question. When you just keep repeating “oh, I know this one” and the answer is right there on the tip of your tongue?? Torture!  It really is out of mercy that I grab my phone and just google it.

I do recall trips to the library.  Searching for topics in the computer system, writing down where each book was located and then setting up shop at one of the quiet tables to flip through and find whatever it was I was researching. This worked, and I suppose still does work, for most research papers, or reports.  But what if you want to know what the name of Willow’s kids were in that movie??  Where would you go for that?  Did you have to rent the movie (from a video store, remember those???) and watch to find out?

You should try this.  Keep a log today, or tomorrow, or whenever, and make note of how many times you come upon something and google it to find the answer, or more information.  But before you google it, just wait. . .maybe 30 minutes and try to remember what you WOULD HAVE done.

I’m curious to see if because it wasn’t an option at that time, the draw to know immediately did not exist in us yet.  And now that we have the technology, we NEED to know and we NEED to know NOW.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Or what you discovered when you tried my little experiment.  But most of all, I’m curious to see what it is that you google most.






1 thought on “What did we USED to do??”

  1. Ha, google is better than the encyclopedias we once turned to. It helps with the immediate gratification thing, you know?
    It ‘cuts to the chase ‘ on getting an answer about stuff. Good article! You thanks


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