ASMR you hearing this??

I promise that all of my blog posts from this point on will not start with “So I was listening to this podcast”.  I do have original thoughts, I’m just really on a podcast kick right now and sometimes they give me ideas.

So. . .I was listening to this podcast (haha!), and this woman was talking about a weird relaxing head tingling sensation she experienced when she listened to Bob Ross.  You all remember Bob Ross, right?  Happy little trees?  And I was like. . .WTF???  I KNOW that weird tingling sensation.

I can remember sitting in class when I was younger.  We were supposed to be reading silently to ourselves.  The kid next to me was mouthing the words as he read and enough sound was coming out for me to just barely hear him.  Let me tell you. . .borderline trance state.  It was the most calming sound and produced an incredible feeling of relaxation.  It’s hard to describe – like sparkles on the back of my scalp.  Like all the neurons in that portion of my brain were activated, starting right behind my ears and moving towards the base of my skull.  I know. . .weird right?  Unless you experience this too, then you totally get me.


I read somewhere that 1 in 5 people experience this, and if that’s the case, I would think that I would have heard about this a long time ago.  So I’m writing this to hopefully be that person that opens up the world of ASMR to someone like me who thought they were just weird.  If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping, this could be your solution.  If/when you go check out the videos just remember, it’s not for the content.  Even I’ll admit. . .some of them (most of them) are quite ridiculous content-wise.  Maybe start with Bob Ross.  Then if you find yourself melting into the titanium white and phthalo blue, try some others.

Gentle Whispering ASMR is one of my favorites and I highly recommend her whisper videos.  Another suggestion is TheWaterwhispers.  Oh, and . . .headphones.  They are a game changer.  There is also a wealth of information available on what, how and why.  Just google ASMR and you’ll see.

If anyone else wants to share some suggestions, that would be great!  I’d love to hear about how you found out about this and whether your experience was similar to mine.  🙂







1 thought on “ASMR you hearing this??”

  1. The Waterehisperers is a group that teaches swim lessons to preschoolers. It is nothing but quiet any given day when they are taking lessons! 🙂


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