Finally. . .makeup success!!!

Finding makeup that really works for me has been a serious struggle.  And I’m sure this struggle is not solely mine.  There are SO many options and all the commercials make it look so simple and wonderful and just put it on and tra la la.  I’d hate to see how much time I’ve wasted in the aisles at Target, staring blankly at Mabelline and Cover Girl and Almay. . .Bah!  Then get it home and it ends up accentuating all my pores and settling into all the little wrinkles and creases that weren’t even THAT noticeable in the first place.  Maybe you just need the right brush, or this little magic egg thing, or this primer product that goes on first.  In the morning, I leave the house thinking, “yeah. . .I look good.”  But when I get home it’s a whole different story.  How does that even happen?  Am I supposed to carry my makeup around with me like a high school girl, re-upping when it starts to melt off??  No!

I’ve shopped expensive, I’ve shopped rite-aid, I’ve shopped sensitive skin and hypo-allergenic.  The funny thing is, I really have no idea what I’m doing with makeup.  I don’t know how to contrast, I only use one shade of eye shadow, I honestly don’t know where blush is supposed to go so I just try to keep it even on both sides of my face, not sure what the difference is between concealer, foundation, primer, corrector, brightener, etc.  What goes on first? And then?  Check out this great makeup tutorial.  I love this woman!What I do know is that my cheeks and my chin are pretty much always flushed.   I mean. . .if I’ve been exercising. . .whoa Nelly!  But even just normally, I have pink cheeks.  I haven’t been able to find anything that would balance out my skin tone without feeling like I had my clown makeup on.  Until now.

I was on the hunt.  Again.  I went to check out bareMinerals (what I had been using before with some success) and found their BareSkin Get Started Kit.  It came with concealer, liquid foundation and applicator brush, perfecting veil and applicator brush, mascara and eye brightener.  When it arrived, I tested it out.  Wonderful!  The foundation was my favorite part.  It really was able to calm down my rosy cheeks and chin and even out my face.  But the best part. . .?  It didn’t melt off or settle.

I was and am so pleased with this purchase that I am writing a blog post on it.  I know that I searched all over the internet looking for people without perfect skin to sell me makeup.  If you have perfect skin sans makeup, I don’t want to buy from you, sorry.  Like I don’t want to buy spanx from a size 2.  I’d add pictures, but I’m not to that point yet – posting selfies.  Nor do I think I’ll ever get there.  Here’s how I feel about it.

selfie memeOmg. . .that still makes me giggle.  But it’s so true.  Anyways. . .makeup. . .if you have uneven skin and are looking for something that will even you out, but not feel cakey, I would recommend this stuff.  You can try out their subscription for around $40 (includes the above mentioned products) and cancel if you don’t like it.  The brushes alone would cost more than that if you went to one of the big makeup stores.

That’s my two cents.  I don’t have any arrangement with bareMinerals to sell their product, nor do I get anything if you decide to click through my blog.  I am just making a recommendation based on my experience.  But please share if you decide to try it out.  I’d love to know what you think.  Also, if there’s something in your makeup arsenal that you’d stockpile at the mere mention of discontinuation, let’s hear about it.



I love that I’m thirty something and giving makeup suggestions.  Like I’m just learning how to be an adult woman.  Hah!


2 thoughts on “Finally. . .makeup success!!!”

  1. Love Bare Minerals makeup, too! A product I have stocked up on is Laura Mercier cake eyeliner. Lasts a long time and is easier to control than liquids or pencils.

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