9 of the best internet pics when you just need to laugh.

So things have been a little busy at work for me lately and I really haven’t had the creative energy to put together any really great posts.  Or even any mediocre posts.  I totally should have documented my husband and I putting together a gazebo in the backyard.  Although this was one project we made it through without any arguments (*takes a bow and thanks the applauding audience*) there were still some pretty great moments.  Me balancing one of the side supports on my head because there was no blood left in my arms.  Us giggling (well. . .me giggling) at silly inappropriate jokes about screwing and drilling, putting this part into that part. . .yup. . .we’re really just children in adult bodies.  Working together to put on the fabric canopy, which felt like trying to get a twin sized fitted sheet on a king sized bed.  We nearly chest bumped afterwards we were so excited.  Ha. . .that made me laugh just thinking about it.  Anyways, I lieu of a silly story, some sort of review, or recipe. . .I give you these.

You know something is truly funny when you are by yourself and you laugh out loud.  I submit, for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of some of my favorite internet images.  Pardon the language in a few of them (or not, cause really that’s what makes them so funny).  And if your stomach starts hurting from laughter, go ahead and take a break.  They’ll be here when you get back.  🙂

yes! its friday!

So many good things about this picture.  That hair, the shorts, those legs, the face.  And what about the amazing skates?  She’s stoked.  And so am I.

canada bombing isis

I mean really. . .that’s the truth.

ching chong tomato

I’m not sure what’s so funny about “ching chong tomato”, but. . .I nearly died.

alcohol said

Hasn’t everyone been here? Bah!

cucumbers with anxiety

Ha. . .Hahahahaha.

little miss muffet

Adding a swear word to a nursery rhyme is pretty much the formula for funny, I think.

open the oven

Right?? Will we ever learn?!?

t-rex haha

Hahahaha. . .sad.

wet sleeves

And last, but definitely not least, the jewel in this crown. . ..  I mean. . .can I get an Amen to this??

This face also made me think of that time when I was a kid and I was eating honey toast for breakfast.  I was holding that toast so that it was slightly slanted towards me, something you should never do with honey toast – lesson learned.  While I wasn’t watching, a drip of honey stealthily crept over the edge where I had just taken a bite and slowly dripped into the sleeve of my shirt.  INTO!!!  Complete change of clothes required.  I hate to be sticky.

Well. . .I hope this gave you a laugh.  Otherwise my title was a lie.  Feel free to comment with some of your favorite silly internet pictures.  I can’t get enough of them.



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