Random Funny.

So I went out of town last weekend and before I left, I put out another litter box for my kitties.  As I was filling it with litter, Thurston walks in all casual-like, sits and watches.  As I explain that he has a new clean litter box (yup. . .I talk to them like they are people), he slowly moves his gaze from the box to me.  Back to the box and then again up at me.  His face said it all.  “Aha, human. . .I accept your challenge.” Hah!

It made me think of the times you (ladies, and I suppose gentleman. . .no judgey here) upgrade to a larger purse thinking you will have less clutter.  Or really, more room for the clutter you currently carry around.  But instead you just end up collecting more?

More space, more stuff.  Apparently this phenomenon extends to litter boxes.



2 thoughts on “Random Funny.”

    1. Don’t we all talk to our pets as if they are human? G understands me so well. 🙂 and even when I talk baby talk at times… Bill rolls his eyes and feels all sorts of neglected. So I reassure him.
      I can picture Thurston’s look… Lol

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