Most bloggers will title this the “about” page, and I have technically done the same. However, I’m not going to tell you much about me.  Really. . .you’re not here to know about me.  I mean. . .as my blog title suggests, I’m just your average Jane.  I’m your neighbor, your co-worker, your sister’s friend, it really doesn’t matter who I am.  What matters is what I can do for you.  What benefit can I bring to your life?

I can be real.  I can’t think of a better situation for someone like me, actually.  Blogging.  I can research topics, put together informative posts on said topics and provide them to my readers.  Or simply rant a little about whatever I might be thinking that day.  Post random pictures of things. . .who knows?  Who knows what will happen here? Lovely!

Please, feel free to make suggestions, comment on my posts, tell me what you want to hear about/know about/ask about.  I can post cat pictures all day, and I might if given the opportunity.  But I would rather know what you’re interested in – life hacks, the best recipes to impress your mother-in-law, how to get that stain out of your favorite t shirt, why is my crochet project starting to get all wonky? – what do you need?  I’m there for you.