Animal testing.

So. . .I just saw the Facebook video of the animal testing being done at Texas A&M laboratories (came out in December, so maybe you've already seen it).  I hate this feeling.  The overwhelming sadness and crippling helpless feeling.  The problem is so big, what can I do about it?  Something.  Anything.  I'm not going… Continue reading Animal testing.


Thurston, aka “Nasty Cat”

As some of you may know, I have three wonderfully sweet kitty babies.  Now "wonderfully sweet" really only applies to me, and sometimes my husband, as they are either rude or fearful of most others.  Unfortunately, today we had to go to the vet.  I will spare you the gruesome details, but cats have anal… Continue reading Thurston, aka “Nasty Cat”


Finally. . .makeup success!!!

Finding makeup that really works for me has been a serious struggle.  And I'm sure this struggle is not solely mine.  There are SO many options and all the commercials make it look so simple and wonderful and just put it on and tra la la.  I'd hate to see how much time I've wasted… Continue reading Finally. . .makeup success!!!


ASMR you hearing this??

I promise that all of my blog posts from this point on will not start with "So I was listening to this podcast".  I do have original thoughts, I'm just really on a podcast kick right now and sometimes they give me ideas. So. . .I was listening to this podcast (haha!), and this woman was talking… Continue reading ASMR you hearing this??

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Corpses and spirits and sex. . .oh my.

Are you as curious as I would be at that title?  Oh boy!  Don't worry, those things don't actually go together.  At least. . .they shouldn't.  Anyways, these are all topics of books written by one of my favorite authors, Mary Roach.  Her style of writing mixes scientific study and humor (two things that you don't often think… Continue reading Corpses and spirits and sex. . .oh my.


Spread the Love!

As I listened to my podcast this morning (Stuff You Should Know), I was kind of struck by. . .I don't know. . .feelings?  Now normally my morning commute is filled with feelings, but they're more of the "why are you in the fast lane going 60 mph" variety.  These were the warm, fuzzy types. The topic was… Continue reading Spread the Love!


How to get organized when you’re kinda lazy.

I don't want to be organized. If I wanted to be organized, I would be.  I want to WANT to be organized.  In order to follow through with something you really need to find that motivation and put in the energy required to meet your goals.  Goals, which by the way are set pretty high in today's… Continue reading How to get organized when you’re kinda lazy.



This month, podcasters (at least the ones I listen to) have been encouraging listeners to share their favorites - get the word out about the greatness of the podcast.  If you have not heard about this greatness, or are looking for something new, here you go. I was pretty late getting to this party, but oh… Continue reading Trypod.