Food for thought :)

Let's all do a little of this today. xoxo JYAJ


What makes a book a good book?

Honestly, it totally depends on the reader. My taste in books is not sophisticated, by any means.  I loved the Harry Potter books, and I totally enjoyed the Twilight series (Yup…that’s right…as an adult).  Hey, no judgey.  There are some grown-up choices on my favorites list, and since joining my book club (highly recommended) I… Continue reading What makes a book a good book?


Personal technology. Yay or nay?

First of all, I am not against technology.  I LOVE my iPhone.  The immense fear that comes over me when I tap my back pocket and don't feel that familiar shape, although kind of ridiculous, is real ladies and gentlemen.  Even having it in the other back pocket is off-putting.  Our devices have become part of… Continue reading Personal technology. Yay or nay?