Caturday, a day early!!!

      Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxo JYAJ


Super simple taco soup.

Every Sunday, towards the end of the day, not only am I experiencing a minor depression that the weekend is over, I am also asking myself the dreaded question. "What am I going to take to work for lunch tomorrow?"  I'll admit that my kitchen skills are still fairly limited, at least in the actual meal… Continue reading Super simple taco soup.


How to get organized when you’re kinda lazy.

I don't want to be organized. If I wanted to be organized, I would be.  I want to WANT to be organized.  In order to follow through with something you really need to find that motivation and put in the energy required to meet your goals.  Goals, which by the way are set pretty high in today's… Continue reading How to get organized when you’re kinda lazy.

Dessert Recipes

Easiest cobbler EVER!

If there's something better than warm cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I don't know what it is. After discovering this recipe, I pretty much made it every weekend. It's that good. AND it's that easy.  Now please don't form any assumptions due to the organic ingredients. It's just what I had at… Continue reading Easiest cobbler EVER!



This is my sweet Bianca.  Although terrified of everything and everyone (including daddy and sometimes even mommy if I'm carrying a laundry basket or moving too fast) she is incredibly photogenic.  And yes. . .I'm one of THOSE people.  My pets are like my kids and they will be treated as such.  Maybe when we add an… Continue reading IT’S CATURDAY!!!



This month, podcasters (at least the ones I listen to) have been encouraging listeners to share their favorites - get the word out about the greatness of the podcast.  If you have not heard about this greatness, or are looking for something new, here you go. I was pretty late getting to this party, but oh… Continue reading Trypod.


Harder than I thought.

Oh man. . .Sunday was rough!  No phone, no computer, no TV (I'll admit, I caved around 7:30pm on the TV one, but I had to catch up on Walking Dead, can you blame me??).  The idea came after an earlier post on personal technology and it's influence on our social habits/development.  Now, you may not be… Continue reading Harder than I thought.