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Corpses and spirits and sex. . .oh my.

Are you as curious as I would be at that title?  Oh boy!  Don't worry, those things don't actually go together.  At least. . .they shouldn't.  Anyways, these are all topics of books written by one of my favorite authors, Mary Roach.  Her style of writing mixes scientific study and humor (two things that you don't often think… Continue reading Corpses and spirits and sex. . .oh my.


What makes a book a good book?

Honestly, it totally depends on the reader. My taste in books is not sophisticated, by any means.  I loved the Harry Potter books, and I totally enjoyed the Twilight series (Yup…that’s right…as an adult).  Hey, no judgey.  There are some grown-up choices on my favorites list, and since joining my book club (highly recommended) I… Continue reading What makes a book a good book?