9 of the best internet pics when you just need to laugh.

So things have been a little busy at work for me lately and I really haven't had the creative energy to put together any really great posts.  Or even any mediocre posts.  I totally should have documented my husband and I putting together a gazebo in the backyard.  Although this was one project we made it through without… Continue reading 9 of the best internet pics when you just need to laugh.


Comic relief.

Ok, guys, I don't want to be THAT person.  But sometimes Mondays just suck a little more than usual, you know??  And that woman in the chair. . .HAH!  So good! Hang in there! xoxoxo JYAJ

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Corpses and spirits and sex. . .oh my.

Are you as curious as I would be at that title?  Oh boy!  Don't worry, those things don't actually go together.  At least. . .they shouldn't.  Anyways, these are all topics of books written by one of my favorite authors, Mary Roach.  Her style of writing mixes scientific study and humor (two things that you don't often think… Continue reading Corpses and spirits and sex. . .oh my.



This month, podcasters (at least the ones I listen to) have been encouraging listeners to share their favorites - get the word out about the greatness of the podcast.  If you have not heard about this greatness, or are looking for something new, here you go. I was pretty late getting to this party, but oh… Continue reading Trypod.