Did you miss me?? Haha! Every once in a while something happens that lights that creative fire and then...I write. This time it was a simple text from my mom. Telling me she is thankful every day. Ten years ago, my life was unrecognizable. Bad choice after bad choice, disappointing my friends, my family. I… Continue reading Thankful


Spread the Love!

As I listened to my podcast this morning (Stuff You Should Know), I was kind of struck by. . .I don't know. . .feelings?  Now normally my morning commute is filled with feelings, but they're more of the "why are you in the fast lane going 60 mph" variety.  These were the warm, fuzzy types. The topic was… Continue reading Spread the Love!



This is my sweet Bianca.  Although terrified of everything and everyone (including daddy and sometimes even mommy if I'm carrying a laundry basket or moving too fast) she is incredibly photogenic.  And yes. . .I'm one of THOSE people.  My pets are like my kids and they will be treated as such.  Maybe when we add an… Continue reading IT’S CATURDAY!!!