What did we USED to do??

For me, I didn't really know how my blog would evolve.  There was no clear "this is what I want to write about", and I knew it would be a process - an evolution.  So I thought I would go back through the pieces that I put together when I first started, to see if… Continue reading What did we USED to do??


Harder than I thought.

Oh man. . .Sunday was rough!  No phone, no computer, no TV (I'll admit, I caved around 7:30pm on the TV one, but I had to catch up on Walking Dead, can you blame me??).  The idea came after an earlier post on personal technology and it's influence on our social habits/development.  Now, you may not be… Continue reading Harder than I thought.


Personal technology. Yay or nay?

First of all, I am not against technology.  I LOVE my iPhone.  The immense fear that comes over me when I tap my back pocket and don't feel that familiar shape, although kind of ridiculous, is real ladies and gentlemen.  Even having it in the other back pocket is off-putting.  Our devices have become part of… Continue reading Personal technology. Yay or nay?